Translations of Non-Poetry

(Non-linked pieces are works in progress)

Short Stories:

Simon Wolff by Amélie Nothomb

Aspirin (Aspirine) Amélie Nothomb

High end (De meilleure qualité) by Amélie Nothomb

Do I Blaspheme Thy Name (Est-ce moi qui blasphème ton nom, Seigneur?) by Daniel Walther

First Empire (Premier Empire) by Francis Carsac

Genesis (Genèse) by Francis Carsac

The Last Word (Le Dernier Mot) by Pascal Gonthier

The Question (La Question) by Gérard Klein

The Observer (L'Observateur) by Gérard Klein

Another Day In The Life (Un jour comme les autres) by Marcel Battin

The Paramorphosis (المسخ) by Abdulelah Abdulqader

The Feather Pillow (Almohadon de Plumas) by Horacio Quiroga

Viagra (فياجرا) by Abdulelah Abdulqader

The Lie (الكذب) by Zakarriyyā Tāmir


Opening of the "Daode Jing"

Plato on Old Age and Sex, from The Republic [329b-c] 

Three Excerpts from Ibn Khaldūn's Muqaddima

From the Qur'an: (The Clot) Sūratu-l-Alaq

From The Gospel of John [1:1-32]

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