On this list are only the poems of mine which I feel are worth a damn

The Sacrament of Abraham
Brief mystery story in verse; Motif borrowed from Melvin B. Tolson; Content warnings for violence and sexual repression

Sonnet of self-mockery; Opening lines twisted out of an octave of Stephen Spender's

Estranged Christmas
Alienation during holidays after Trump's election

Twilight's Last Gleaming

Sonnet wherein I tell the Muses Nine I don't need 'em. 

Stage Indian
Sonnet on a native woman with a crappy life. Based on real people. 

Multiple layers of punnery in this sonnet's title, because I can

Sonnet with a signification difficult to describe

Γνῶθι σεαυτόν
Written in Egypt; Motifs stolen from Najwān Darwīsh, and Grahame Davies)

Written in a bout of postcoital moroseness 

Crime Scene
Thematics wrenched from a sonnet by Weldon Kees; Content warnings for sexual violence

Ghazal for Layla in Wartime
Not fictional. From my life. Real addressee. Nuff said

The Patriot
A fictional biography of the real; Motif stolen from Thom Gunn; Content warnings for sexual violence and homicide. 

San Francisco, 1987
A fictional biography of a person I imagined

Oh Say Can You See
Yet more of my habit of taking passages from the Star-Spangled Banner and fucking with them

The Yo-Yo
My dad never gave me a Yo-Yo, this is a fictional personality. Some phrase patternings stolen from Conrad Aiken

What He Said
Fictional personality, again. No idea why I wrote this. I think at the end my mind was on the lines from Byron's supremely assholesome poem: "Should her lineaments resembleThose thou never more mayst see..."

If you don't know whom I filched from here, I am saddened. Content warnings for sexual violence and genocide.

The Passion of Lady Joan
Mood and formal verve of the poem stolen from Yvor Winters. I don't like this one much anymore. Others seem to. 

How the Final Intifada Begins
Not much my style. I feel like I must have filched the mood and mode from somebody, but I now cannot remember whom I cannibalized for this one.

Quand Vous Serez Bien Vieille
Imagining the mind of someone else. Filched from Yeats and from...ah shit just google the title.

The Standard Language
Filched topic from Carl Sandberg. 

American Endymion

A Frank Word From Annabelle Erato
Filched much from a few poems of Dan Schneider which I can't find anymore

The Procrastinator

Revision of Psalm 137
Filched from the obvious. Pissed off.

My Demon
Filched from Pushkin and Orwell.


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