His Love Poem

My eyes had long forgotten how to see,
Blind tired of everything already known,
Until your sight knew them. You were for me
Water. There is such pain in drinking stone.

Some things will fall away from me: this hair,
These cheeks the years caress even in our bed.
Last night's sex will fall lost in mind, and there
Will come a day when one of us is dead.

Some things will fall away from me, not you
Who are as much as I could be of me.
Some things fall false, and others may come true
But I cannot forget now how to see.

Or so I wrote two years ago. Today
I got the stuff of mine you sent by mail.
Jack-moments jump from all boxes to bray
"Some things fall false. Others just fail."

Now all you were has left, remains in me
A memoir for my future to parse out.
I know, beyond our shadow, of a doubt
That I can not forget now how to see. 

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