Daemones Angelique

The demons are more beautiful than angels.
They have no qualms of plastic surgery.
Their hair is stylish. They need not wear white.
Their black survives through Labor day and Easter.
Their wings swing into vogue as a tattoo.
Their gossamer a thread in cashmere suits.
They are well-spoken every Sunday morning.

The demons wear the angel wings in church.
They name-drop Yahweh and they reassure
And promise to deliver you from Evil
And poverty. Good deeds they charge you with
Minister to the very wish for good.
They shirk the menial. They are more pretty

And more real than the beings whose soft robes
They crib and don from our ancestral dreams.
They wear the halos, for they have no fear
Of seeming vain in such a church as yours
Where you can drop all charges on the heavens.
Blessed is the Lord's ventriloquist.

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