Allolinguistics Part 1

The following is an implementation of Justin B Rye's Futurese (which can be found here.) The following is an attempt to supply audio-recordings based on his narrow IPA transcriptions of English as spoken in 3000 A.D.

Click here for the words for "American Language," "George Washington," "Abraham Lincoln," "William Shakespeare" (Myeghan lengvaj, Jwohj‐wᴀjandan, Yebraham‐lengan, Wiyam‐xexbih)

Click here for the numbers 1-10 (wan, tu, tri, foh, faav, sis, seavam, ed naen, ten)

Click here for the words for "California" and "Texas" (Kyafwonyᴀ, Tesas)

Click here for the names of the 8 planets (Muhgyurri, Vinas, Uhd, Mᴀahz, Jubwatuh, Sarun, Yurranas, Nettun)

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