Original Poem: To Chokri Bilaid's Killer

To Chokri Bilaid's Killer

"The sun and moon upon computed ways,
The flowers and the trees bow down...."

"Humankind! We have created you male and female, made you nations and tribes so that you might get to know one another...."

And yet god made no human kind...

If you should learn in passing, one grim day,
That I died reading Surat al-Raħmān
You would not understand. Perhaps you'd say
I saw the lightning. No. There is no plan.

Here is the premise of an infidel
Soul with the pilgrim instinct of delight:
There is as much in heaven as in hell
Of beauty, midway on our journey's light.

It is no world for faith. The young just die
In vain in nothing's arms. The birds and brooks
Mean nothing by their wonders. Nor do I.
Wonder's enough, and my unholy books.

But you...kite claiming to be wind and rain!
Numb skull cracked open with a schtick of bliss
That knows not what it is! Too inhumane
To bask in heaven's human artifice!

So curse me. Bring thy holy bullshit forth.
Call me a kafir of the mongrel hordes.
As if god ever spoke of peace on earth
When there was holiness enough for swords.

-Tunis, Feb 7, 2013.

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