Mitt Romney On Iran

A perfect example of why this guy offends, infuriates and depresses me when he talks about the Middle East.

Romney on Iran:

"If I were Iran, if I were Iran—a crazed fanatic, I'd say let's get a little fissile material to Hezbollah, have them carry it to Chicago or some other place, and then if anything goes wrong, or America starts acting up, we'll just say, 'Guess what? Unless you stand down, why, we're going to let off a dirty bomb.' I mean this is where we have—where America could be held up and blackmailed by Iran, by the mullahs, by crazy people. So we really don't have any option but to keep Iran from having a nuclear weapon."

What I have to say to Mitt:

Dear Mitt

(1) You watch way too much 24. Why chicago, when an embassy, an airport or a 5-star hotel in Beirut would do just fine and be easier to get into? 

(2) How many terrorists or terrorist organizations do you know of that have gone to the trouble of getting the bomb in the right place, been ready to detonate...and then kindly warned the victim country, in the form of a demand, about what they were about to do (thereby giving everybody a chance to leave the immediate area)!???? I'll give you a hint: if they were as dumb as you would have to be, and are, to consider such an idea...they probably are too dumb to get the materials and knowhow to build a dirty bomb. Never mind. Screw 24. You've been watching Austin Powers. 

(3) The greatest terrorist risk in the US is not crazed Iranians or Hezbollah. It's domestic terrorists. You know, American citizens. A crazed Muslim is much less likely to bomb an American target than a crazed Christian is to bomb an American abortion clinic! Oh wait, I forgot, you can't insult your base by admitting that.  

(4) You don't need fissile material for a dirty bomb. Radioactive waste will do just fine. Not having nukes does not mean you can't build a dirty bomb. How exactly do you claim to be concerned about such issues, about the possibility of dirty bombs being detonated and yet NOT KNOW THIS FACT?  

Yeah, real commander-in-chief material, this guy.

I'm pretty sure 8 out of 10 psychologists would rate him as the leading cause of depression and dispair at the human condition, and that's only because the 9th and 10th would hang themselves when they heard the shit that oozes from that 2nd asshole of his we so kindly refer to as a mouth.

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