Essays & Ponderings

 You're Fired Up: Trump, Democracy and Facism

 The Irrelevance of Language

 The Language of Literacy

 Purity Shmurity: Fuck Language Purists

 On Translating Dante

 On Pronouncing Ancient Greek: Food For Classicists' Thought

 Of Political Parties and Partying Members: The Gilded Nastiness of Bill Clinton

 Neither Time Nor Season: Who's Afraid of Rhymed English?

 Speaking the Queen's Welsh: A Forgotten Chapter of the History of the Welsh Language

 Heineken's Corporate Sociopathy

 Don't Kid Yourself, Amerika: Thoughts While Watching "The Man In The High Castle"

Works in progress (i.e. coming soon. Or coming at some point at least):

 The Khorasani Nightingale: Nasal Vowels and Phantom Syllables in Medieval Persian Scansion

 Vox Arabica: The Pronunciation of Classical Arabic and its Development

 Vox Persica: The Pronunciation of Medieval Persian

 Miscellaneous Notes on the Phonology of Classical Latin

 Reading Hafiz in my Underwear: My Encounter With Persian Poetry

 For Auld's Lang-Sign: Esperanto as a Poetic Medium

 Did Shanfara Really Burn His Bow? - What the Lāmiyya can tell us about ancient Arab archery.


  1. You have a great gift. You MUST write a book sir.

  2. The links for Stranger to Strangeness and The Tragedy of Fred Phelps don't lead anywhere.