Speculum Principis

هان اى دل عبرت بين از ديده نظر كن هان

Now. Wake up, heart. Reflect on what you see.
You warning-heeding, beating, beaten thing,
Get up. The red bleeds on the flag. So sing
For hard-striped and star-chambered Liberty

About what shines from sea to whining sea.
The gun beneath the balding eagle's wing
Is rising in us. Come the blast of Spring
Morale can bloom more than morality.

Reflect on mirrored things. With blood and beating
You are to live. Cute rhetors will try cheating
You from the pulpit as the gore and puss
Flood out Her light. And then put out the light
Verse of an age. I know it isn't right.
We weren't born for an age like this. Who was?

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