East is East and the West is Whatever

"Questioning the dominant geography of the East-West divide" has itself become such a cliché of the Academe by now that I sometimes can't take it seriously anymore. Sometimes there's a real there there. But often it merely posits an illusory distinction so as to appear transgressive in overcoming it. Sometimes it is little more than a sign that something really wants to pass for radical, but doesn't know what to do beyond bandying about the same old recycled shibboleths.

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  1. you probably know that dongxi in chinese means "thing" figuratively but "east-west" literally. there's a legend about it but one that didn't move me. When others are jaded, you understand: jade is a stone the east asians wear as a porte bonheur of their life, as it ages and fades so do we...
    Try not to be bitter or hurt by others limits. Me, I just smile and think "does it matter?" most often it doesn't.