Fun Fact

Historical linguists have managed to uncover two different Proto-Indo-European words for "to fart," the one meaning "to fart loudly" and the other meaning "to fart quietly." Meanwhile, Proto-Indo-European words for "eyelid" and "poetry" remain elusive.

If you're wondering,  it's */perd-/ "to fart loudly" (c.f. Eng. fart Avestan pərəδaiti, Sanskrit párdate, Greek πέρδομαι) vs. */pezd-/ "to fart softly" (c.f. Lithuanian bezdė́ti, Greek βδέω, Latin pēdere.)


  1. Am I alone in thinking that those are so close that they are in fact the same ur-word?

  2. I guess this is where the Spanish word for fart ("pedo") comes from