The Pagan Under Justinian

After Não a ti, Cristo by Fernando Pessoa

The Pagan Under Justinian
By A.Z. Foreman

It is not you, O Christ, that I rebuff.
In you, no less than in the older Ones,
I will confess belief. You are no more
Or less than all the other Cosmic sons

And daughters. What appalls me is the slaves
Who foist you to a place above your peers.
For I love you for what you really are,
Even in the face of these men's spears:

Beware, idolaters of the exclusive.
Each star in heaven is a different sun.
And only when you multiply your love
Will you speak any truth worth deeming one.


  1. Could have at least mentioned Pessoa, your source! (Não a ti, Cristo, odeio ou menosorezo)

    1. I had meant to, and forgot. I have a whole series which I call "After Others" where I write poems based on those of other people (like with this one by Pushkin .)

      This was meant to be tagged as such with Pessoa given credit. Which I have done. Thanks for pointing it out.