Ghazal For Layla In Wartime

Ghazal For Layla In Wartime
By A.Z. Foreman

We've come back in one piece from love's Afghanistan tonight.
     Let's not try Andalus, but make what peace we can tonight.
Though desert guides cry out "pack up your things now and move on!"

     We have an inn. Why should we join the caravan tonight?
A poet warned of dark nights of the soul like waves of storm.

     Weather the storm with me. Don't trust that weatherman tonight.
Again like you the Westward lightning bursts beyond the window.
     The dawn wind will refresh the life that we began tonight.
Manhattan stands knee-deep in dark that flooded Roanoke
     And shades of Alexander steal on Isfahan tonight.
Ground Zero is a wheel rut in the ruined rock of Crete.

     Now, let us head toward a different Iran tonight.
Let the mere nations battle over godly unbeliefs,

     Love writes us a new Bible and a new Qur'an tonight.
          The grass kneels in the rain and I to you: Forget our names.
          The flawless bed is calling with a sixth ázán tonight.

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