Original Poem: How The Final Intifada Begins

How The Final Intifada Begins
By A.Z. Foreman

A martyr will martyr half a pizzeria
At sundown. Night will fall to raise the Cain
In cops too quick on the triggers of their Messiahs,
Time and a city finally go insane...

The dawn will make the corpses nearly gasp
As if the soul could find no heaven or hell
People notice each other as they pass
And in each stranger see a sentinel.

Cameras will roll through a halved city's wounds,
And scan in them the poetry of bone,
Survivors rise like skeletons, confused
By all old haunts all killed to foreign stone.

Some martyr martyred half a pizzeria
At sundown and the final intifada
Starts in these dead of nightfall. An idea
Bursts like a Wall around the gut of God

As God convulses like a sick composer
Dying to end His life's own requiem.
The Holy Books are crying out for closure
And time is ending in Jerusalem.

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