American Endymion

With thanks to Dick Davis

"...nudus et Endymion Phoebi cepisse sororem
    dicitur et nudae concubuisse deae."
-Propertius II.15.15-16*

Here's an American Endymion:
A gawky boy who strayed beyond the town,
Hot with pubescence, growing through the sun,
And by the older stranger's side lay down,

And when she'd left, midsummer, woke and knew
Himself a boy betrayed into a man,
Into the world, soaked in his own taboo
As Truth the shackle came to shake his hand.

A decade dimmed by. Meeting her again
His body hearkened for the deep, dark tune
Her body would not play to bearded men
Whose bawdy phase had darkened like a moon.

The glory of the goddess, he became
A country ghost, an old wives' haunt of flame.

*"And they say Endymion was naked who stirred Diana, / A mortal naked with a goddess in love"

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