Original Poem: Theotokos


"...and his banner over me is love."
-Song of Songs [2:4]

Would that the stars could speak. Tonight in his bunk
Centurion Gervasius gets to screw
Virginal Miriam. Joseph is back home, drunk.
Forgive them for they know not whom they do.

He cannot fathom her in him as they conjoin
One guilded horde to spread from the ruins of Rome.
One shudder of spiritus mundi in two loins,
And hearts are razed. A sacked Amorium,

She fathoms his conquering eyeballs: the white gloat
Of aerian blueblood, glint of Spanish blades,
Rent from eternity. Wishes she'd said no.
With dawn appalled upon him he crusades

Deeper. His cock crows thrice as day begins
To stand earth in the circle of the son.
Exeunt Incas in a mourning wind.
Enter the sentence of Thy Will Be Done

And Thy Kingdom Come. Noel! NO-EL!
Fallen again is Adam on Christmas Eve.
Neck wrung by church-bells, here lies Israel
And a book is set to blow in Tel Aviv.

His banner over time in her is lust
Of Anno Domini. Godawful year.
There is no star to warn the Magi just
What kind of Caesar germinated here.

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